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Rabu, 09 April 2014

Race with Tarzan, the original jungle king, in this thrilling Endless Runner! Swing on vines, jump over perilous pitfalls, dodge wild animals, and collect power-ups. Play as Tarzan, Jane, Cheeta, and more as you dash through dense jungles, treetops, and the savannah of Africa! Can you go the distance? In the exclusive multiplayer mode on PC, race together with up to four players! Use power-ups like the Sand Storm, Power Shield, or Lightning Bolt to take the lead!


RACE with up to four players in multiplayer mode!;
SWING through the treetops and over beautiful, but treacherous waterfalls!;
COLLECT fruit, trophies, power-ups, and upgrades!;
DODGE fallen debris, lumbering elephants, bounding gazelles, dangling snakes, and more!;
CONNECT with friends on Facebook to share scores and achievements!

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