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Minggu, 06 April 2014

This release is an addon for Might & Magic X – Legacy. The original game is required to play this addon. This addon will update the game to version 1.5.16336 and also includes the Thunderblade’s Helmet DLC

The Falcon and the Unicorn DLC content: 
* 7 new quests 
* New exclusive dungeons: 
* Fort Laegaire 
* Summer Palace 
* New enemies from the Haven faction 
* New monster spells/abilities: 
* Sun Ray – Deals Light Magic damages to all party members 
* Martyr – Passive Ability. When this monster dies, all other monsters on the same tile get the “Hour of Justice” buff 
* Celestial Armor – Adds the “Celestial Armor” buff to a single monster on the same tile. Prevents damages that would be dealt to the monster 
* Hour of Justice – Adds the “Hour of Justice” buff to a single monster on the same tile. Increases target monster’s Melee and Ranged Damage Values, Magic Power and Attack Values 
* Mass Heal – Heals all monsters on the same tile Pacification – Apply .Sleeping. condition to the targeted character 
* Piercing Strike – Every successful strike has a chance to ignore a part of the targeted character.s armor value. Always applied with a critical strike 
* Unstoppable Strike – Melee block attempts will always fail and the block chance value is reduced

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