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Sabtu, 12 April 2014

When Nick Mayhem gets wind of zombies walking the streets, he doesn’t just sit around waiting for the worst to happen. Hell no, he picks up a baseball bat and takes the carnage head on! Soon he finds himself tangled in a plot involving demons, a talking sword, a whole army of possessed soldiers and one total babe of a sniper — can Nick Mayhem save his city from destruction? Will he find love in a city mid-apocalypse?! 


All about fluid controls and wicked combos — the bigger your combo, the higher your damage multiplier!
Power up! Find new weapons, level them up to unlock devastating new special attacks, and pump up Nick’s stats at the shop.
Bizarre story, told in cool comic book style.
Local multiplayer: co-op in arcade mode or duke it out in versus, with gamepad support for 1-2 controllers.
Made for modding: literally everything in the game can be reskinned!

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