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Selasa, 31 Desember 2013

Hiding from The Man, skulking in shadows, the thrill of infiltration. But why do they have to be so… slow? That was the question that spawned Stealth Bastard, the fast-paced, nail-biting antidote to tippy-toed sneaking simulators that the world had so desperately been craving. Now, building on the ideas sketched out in this unholy marriage of deft, wall-hugging stealthiness and insane break-neck platforming, we’re proud to bring you the bigger, better, shinier Stealth Bastard Deluxe.


Hide in the shadows with a real-time shadowing system!
Evade a wide range of eagle-eyed lethal robotic foes!
Hack your way to the exit… and to the next challenge!
Squeeze through doorways mere seconds before you’re sliced into pieces!
Die in a variety of gruesome, cruel ways!
Create your own fiendish deathrooms and share them with the world – all in the game!

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