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Sabtu, 28 Desember 2013

Draw a stickman, then guide him through a fantastic world of adventure! Using an assortment of pencils, draw elements, tools, and weapons to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles.

Draw a Stickman Epic could be compared to an adventure game, RPG, or puzzle game, but the unique drawing mechanic is unlike any game you’ve ever played before! From drawing a rain cloud for growing plants to drawing an axe for chopping down a gate, you control all aspects of your environment. 
Explore diverse environments and encounter unusual creatures as you draw your way through 14 levels (plus a hidden bonus level)! With the non-linear gameplay, how you overcome one environment will determine which level you unlock next. Each level is filled with hidden secrets and achievements, offering hours and hours of replay value. 
Grab a pencil and dive into the world of Epic!


Downloaded 5 million times!
Played over 100 million times!
5 Total Webby awards for the entire Stickman series!
Included in the 100 best Apps by PC Mag!
Ranked top 15 games by PC World!

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